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Creating a Healthy Environment for Kindergartens in Pakistan

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Early childhood education is an important first step in the whole schooling cycle. The early stages of education begin in daycares and kindergartens and the right flooring surface is a crucial element in a child’s growth. We have the duty to make the best choice of surface to positively affect their health, comfort, safety, and development. They have a lot of growing, learning, and playing to do and we want to ensure the healthiest possible setting for this phase in their lives.

Young children need more than just a surface to walk on. Children revel in being active and this means jumping, rolling, crawling, bouncing, and leaping. Exercise is a necessary element for healthy growth and development to benefit their bones, muscles, and joints. Flooring can influence their posture, balance, flexibility, strength, and endurance. The selection of a proper flooring surface to meet all those needs is essential. The Sports Flooring range by Knoveo Solutions is the answer to meet those requirements. This surface can help you out in numerous ways, but for taking the children’s health to heart, Knoveo Sports Flooring has some definite advantages.

  • The Phthalate-free technology makes Knoveo Sports Flooring unique among sports flooring by improving the indoor environment’s air quality. Phthalates are harmful to our overall health so we are pleased to be able to offer a product with such high health standards.

  • The Asthma & Allergy Friendly property of this flooring also allows us to provide a healthier surface solution not only for asthma and allergy sufferers but for all the children who use the room.

  • Knoveo Sports Flooring also ensures a safer and healthier air environment by guaranteeing that the flooring has low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

In addition, Knoveo Sports Flooring incorporates layers with a dense cellular structure, providing ideal shock absorption to help protect joints from injury. It is constructed in a way to allow for the use of chairs and tables (not to mention many toys) while offering the perfect amount of cushioning and softness for their busy little bodies.

Knoveo Solutions is proud to be able to offer quality flooring that provides the best developmental environment for the children in Pakistan.

Learn more about kindergarten and daycare flooring by calling at +92 300 8490698

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