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Benefits of Rubber Flooring for Schools

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Designers and architects designing for educational spaces are increasingly gravitating toward rubber flooring options. School flooring manufactured out of rubber materials offers a number of incredible benefits, from aesthetic appeal to practical utility, and greatly enhances the learning experiences of students.

Schools are multipurpose spaces, holding not only classrooms, but gymnasiums, cafeterias, offices, and labs. Furthermore, schools are often used before classes begin and after they end to hold community programs. Knoveo Rubber Flooring meets the multiple needs of a school building.

Rubber floors are durable

Desks are shifted, chairs are pushed in and out, and feet scuffle across the floors in a typical school. The flooring inside the school must withstand students’ constant hustle and bustle. Rubber floors, being incredibly durable, are manufactured to resist impact even under heavy foot traffic.

Rubber floors are highly resilient and therefore endure for years. The elasticity of rubber is further enhanced by a polyurethane binding agent. Additionally, rubber floors are resistant to chemicals, such as those found in a school laboratory. Unlike some flooring materials, rubber does not decay or rot.

When installed in a school gym withstand the impact from equipment as well as students during athletic games and practice. Rubber floors do not shrink, crack, or expand. The toughness of rubber flooring ensures that it retains its functionality and appearance over a long period of time.

Rubber floors are safe

Knoveo Rubber Flooring is the safest choice for schools. Featuring anti-slip properties, students and young athletes can walk or run on the rubber floors without fear of slipping and sustaining injuries. Being naturally slip resistant, rubber floors are ideal for schools that receive lots of foot traffic


Since rubber floors do not require coatings or an application of chemicals, the fumes that are typically emitted from these products are nonexistent. As a result of the absence of vapors, students, teachers, and maintenance staff breathe a healthier quality of air.

Rubber floors are quiet

When focusing on lessons in school, a quiet environment promotes learning. Knoveo Rubber Floors are silent underfoot. Unlike harder types of flooring materials, rubber floors installed in the school hallways absorb sound and prevent noisy distractions. Furthermore, acoustics are enhanced by rubber floors.

When rubber floors are installed in the school’s reading nooks, story rooms, amphitheaters or spaces designated for collaboration between students and teachers, unwanted noise is substantially decreased. Minimized auditory distractions allow students to better focus on the learning tasks at hand.

Rubber Floors Keep School Hallways Safe and Quiet

Most of the foot traffic within a school happens in the hallways. Rubber flooring in the hallways will make these areas safer and quieter to avoid disturbing surrounding classrooms.

Hallways with Knoveo Rubber Flooring are quieter because they absorb sound, unlike hard surface flooring. The slip resistance of rubber flooring and its resistance to wear and tear also create a safer environment and help prevent falls and injuries, even when wet.

Rubber floors are cost-effective to maintain

Maintenance costs are minimal since Knoveo Rubber Flooring does not require any coatings. Rubber floors feature dense, nonporous surfaces, making recoating the floors unnecessary. In comparison to other types of resilient floors, maintaining rubber floors is cost-effective and translates to substantial cost savings for schools.

Rubber floors are aesthetically pleasing

Knoveo Rubber Floors come in a variety of bright, appealing colors. The visual appearance and range of colors used in a classroom setting can greatly impact young students’ creativity. Rubber flooring can support accelerated learning, especially when design elements and colors are carefully chosen.

Customization is also available when opting for a rubber floor for the school.. Visual design elements can be tailored to reflect the school spirit and colors. When installed in the front office area, parents and visitors will be impressed by the clean and professional appearance of the rubber floors.

Rubber Flooring Keeps Reception Areas Professional

Student parents and visitors usually see the front office and reception area first when they walk into a school. It is important for this area to look professional to make a good impression.

Knoveo Rubber Flooring in the office and reception area can create a visually appealing aesthetic and improve the comfort of the space with underfoot comfort and sound absorption. Schools have many options when it comes to the color and design of rubber flooring in reception areas.

Rubber floors are comfortable

In preschool and kindergarten classrooms where youngsters are seated on the floor during playtime and reading time, a comfortable floor is essential. Knoveo Rubber Floors are soft underfoot and provide sufficient cushion to ensure that both students and their teachers remain comfortable all day long.

Due to its many benefits, rubber flooring installed in schools boosts students’ concentration and learning, withstands high foot traffic, is relatively easy to clean and remains comfortable underfoot. When you are exploring the installation of rubber floors in your educational facility, consider Knoveo Solutions.

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