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Kindergarten and Playground Flooring in Pakistan

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Taking care of little children is a lot of work! Don’t add to your workload by choosing a flooring surface that is difficult to clean.

The popularity of Knoveo Sports Flooring is based on superior shock absorption for comfort, a treated wear layer for durability, and a smooth surface that provides remarkable ease of maintenance. All you need to do is sweep, wash and rinse! Then the flooring will be in the best possible condition when little feet come running in the next day.

Shock absorption Knoveo Sports Flooring is versatile and especially convenient for kindergartens and daycares because of its high shock-absorption capacity. The structure allows it to regain its original form after having been locally compressed. It is constructed in a way to allow for the use of chairs and tables while offering the perfect balance of softness and hardness for ease of maintenance and for maximal underfoot comfort.

Reinforced surface treatment Knoveo Solutions provides a reinforced surface treatment to provide easy maintenance and to help extend the lifespan of the flooring. This top surface treatment is a layer that is engineered for protection. It provides a barrier against scratches and contributes to the easy removal of any marks that should appear on the surface.

Smooth surface The smooth surface is a key element with our Knoveo Sports Flooring product line as we know that surfaces that contain textured grooves can trap dirt and make it impossible to clean properly. This floor covering simply has a slight dimpled texture throughout its smooth surface, providing easy cleaning and optimal friction for safety.

Ease of maintenance The ease of cleaning and maintenance are essential factors when the surface comes in contact with messy little kids who play with markers, paint, and Play-Doh, etc. Even food spills can be an ongoing concern every day at meal time and snack time. Just use a damp cloth with mild soap for a quick and easy clean-up! With Knoveo Sports Flooring, your upkeep chores will be seriously reduced. Let Knoveo Solutions help you to simplify your maintenance! Contact us today at +92 300 8490698

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