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Shocking Factor of Sports Flooring

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Resilient. Sprung. Cushioned. Supple. Flexible. Elastic. Absorbing. No matter what term you use, they all mean “to spring back into its initial shape after bending, stretching or being compressed”, all highly desirable features when looking for a sports floor.

Knoveo Sports Floors are engineered first and foremost for safety and high performance in sports or athletic settings.

However, these flooring systems also work well for recreational sports activities and competitive sports, but can even welcome many other applications.

Knoveo Sports Floors are made to flex under a load and to recover quickly afterwards. They are mainly sought after due to their capacity to absorb shocks and for the much needed softness provided during physical activities. These surfacing products contribute to your body’s health and safety by cushioning your movements, therefore reducing stress from force impact on your joints.

Knoveo Rubber Flooring

The properties of rubber are naturally elastic, which ensures its capacity to absorb shocks. This material is also extremely tough, making it more resistant to vibrations, abrasion, and tearing. Its extreme strength also allows it to also withstand repetitive force impact, such as when dropping weights and dumbbells. The durability factor Knoveo Rubber Floors explains why this surface is generally preferred in fitness centers and arenas.

Knoveo Polyurethane Flooring

Before pouring a polyurethane top layer, a recycled rubber shock cushion is installed on the subfloor. This rubber layer provides the cushioning effect and shock absorbing factors, the two essential aspects that are much needed in any sports flooring system. Since the surface includes a layer that is made of rubber, as opposed to foam, this type of flooring can generally offer some shock absorption, but stands out by its capacity to excel at handling heavier loads.

In conclusion, it is important to note that Knoveo Sports Floorings engineered for sports and athletic needs can, depending on their thickness, also support other recreational or leisure activities. So make sure to stay informed about the resiliency performance of each sports surface, as this study will help to determine which one is best for your project.

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