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Why Rubber Flooring is Ideal for Sports?

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Major recreational sports facilities and must be capable of enduring everyday wear and tear. They are designed to host a variety of sports and events. Knoveo Solutions offers Sports Floorings that are specifically designed to answer the needs of any sports facility.

Knoveo Rubber Floorings are the perfect solution due to their durability in extreme environments and their resistance to the frequent passage of traffic.

They also provide excellent adhesion to prevent slipping as rubber is a durable and safe surface. In addition to Knoveo Sports Flooring's great practicality, it is also possible to create custom designs by selecting multiple colors of the same-thickness surfacing products. Attractive colors and patterns are available to match any design requirement. Arrange the products and colors for a design that is limited only by your imagination.

There are a number of advantages provided by rubber flooring that illustrate its effectiveness for sports area environments:


Rubber’s high degree of abrasion resistance is ideal for heavy usage in high traffic areas over time. It is difficult to gouge, scuff, or scratch, providing tremendous longevity.


Resistant to high impact loads and foot traffic, day after day and for long periods of time.


Rubber ensures anti-slip properties to prevent accidents, especially in conditions which can typically be wet and slippery.

Reduced Sound Transmission

The natural elasticity of rubber helps to reduce impact sound as the material has high sound absorption.

Easy Maintenance

Sports areas maintain very busy environments and need a surface that is low maintenance. Knoveo Sports Floorings only require simple cleaning with a mild PH neutral soap and rinsing. Regular cleaning can be accomplished with a wet or microfiber mop and a scrubber can be used for large areas.

All these features are the reason Knoveo Sports Floorings is the number one choice of sports area developers. Contact our expert consultants ay +92 300 8490698 to discuss your project, our products and the installation.

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