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Guide to Best High Performance Epoxy Flooring in Pakistan

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

New flooring concepts and technologies have found an entry in the market and are being used for different flooring solutions. Epoxy flooring is fast becoming popular and being used in various applications from garages to warehouse to the commercial flooring industry. When we refer to epoxies we are really referring to the chemically cured mass of the polymer. The coatings are then formulated using different graded filler, hardeners, and polymers. Epoxy flooring is becoming the ultimate choice for most commercial and industrial applications.

Why Epoxy Flooring

Knoveo Epoxy Flooring not only gives the floor a great look but also lengthens its life. It can be applied over many materials namely wood, concrete, steel and vinyl. Concrete is, however, the best surface when it comes to the laying of epoxy floors. Surface preparation also directly impacts the performance of epoxy floor coating. If the surface is not correctly prepared, the service life and integrity of the epoxy flooring will be reduced. The right surface preparation will guarantee the substrate and epoxy coating adhesion which will prolong the epoxy coating system.

Areas of Application

The epoxy flooring is often used in different regions namely the chemical factories because they can withstand extreme pH and chemical substances. It is also used in the automobile garages and showrooms because it can handle the stress that it is subjected to. They are also used in hospitals, shopping malls, restaurant and kitchen floors, and cinema halls.


Knoveo Epoxy Flooring is increasingly becoming popular because of the benefits that it offers. Firstly, it is resistant to chemicals and abrasion. This means that it can withstand high use and abuse from hostile environments and chemical cleaners. The lifespan of a floor coating is often shortened by abrasion and highly corrosive chemicals so be sure to research the flooring you are planning on installing to ensure if can withstand the respective chemicals and cleaners you are using.

Additionally Knoveo Epoxy Floorings are also easy to maintain since they do not allow dust to pass through them. Different grease and oils are impermeable to them thus making them great for industrial and commercial applications.

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