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Why Choose Knoveo for Sports & Epoxy Flooring in Pakistan?

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Need a new industrial or sports flooring? Find out why your business should choose Knoveo Solutions for all epoxy flooring and sports flooring Flooring requirements:

Industrial Flooring Experts Epoxy and sports flooring should only be attempted by specialist technicians. Which is why Knoveo Solutions is Pakistan's leading industrial flooring expert, are the perfect partner for your contract. We have a trusted, highly-skilled and dedicated team of sports flooring systems and epoxy flooring specialists. Who, between them, have many years experience producing fantastic-looking floors.


Knoveo Solutions is a safe and responsible company. This involves ensuring that we comply with up-to-date health and safety standards.

Epoxy Flooring Preparation Naturally, when beginning any sports or industrial flooring work, such as when applying any resin floor coating, preparation is paramount. Which is why the Knoveo Solutions will professionally prepare all surfaces using adequate equipment to remove any weak, loose and/or friable laitance. Whilst still providing a mechanical ‘key’ for the epoxy floor coating to adhere to.

Location Whether your project is located in the heart of Lahore or throughout Pakistan, we’ve got it covered!

Want to know which epoxy flooring or sports surface you need? The experts at Knoveo Solutions are here to help, just contact at +92 300 8490698 today!

Knoveo Solutions provides specialist epoxy and sports flooring services throughout Pakistan. Contact us to find out more about the best epoxy resin flooring solutions in Pakistan and get a free quote.

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