Why Epoxy Flooring Is Crucial For Your Industry ?

What is Epoxy Flooring?

When looking for a flooring system that can withstand the heavy wear of industrial use, epoxy flooring is the most viable option. Epoxy Flooring stands out compared to its alternatives. It is most durable, sustainable, and serves the decorative theme to your floor. Self-leveling epoxy flooring is a thick coating system installed at various thicknesses to give protection to the subfloor. If your industry needs epoxy flooring, you do not need to worry as Knoveo offers the best expertise and services to its consumers.

Why choose Knoveo for industrial epoxy flooring?

At Knoveo, we believe in innovation and the lifetime performance of the solutions we offer. The highly experienced and internationally trained team helps you select a suitable epoxy flooring system for your requirements and develops efficient project execution of the projects. Knoveo offers one of the most professional and hassle-free experiences to its users. Knoveo is providing solutions to all types of industries. We can offer cost-effective and optimized solutions to ensure the quality and lifetime of valuable industrial assets. Knoveo is the name of the trust.

Benefits of Epoxy Flooring in Pakistan

As Pakistan continues to progress and industrialize, our epoxy flooring systems are highly recommended for application in various industries.  

There are numerous advantages related to utilizing solid floor epoxies. Here are the main nine: 

1. Tough and Resistant 

Epoxy flooring bonds flawlessly to existing floor surfaces, making sturdy, excellent surfaces that make certain to keep going for quite a long time. 

Epoxy flooring is additionally solid and impervious to mileage. It settles on it an ideal decision for the business and mechanical spaces. The epoxy flooring can withstand the consistent progression of transport vehicles, large equipment, and forklifts, just as people strolling through from clients and laborers. 

You can trust knoveo for proving the latest sustainable epoxy flooring solutions.

What’s more, as epoxy flooring is impervious to abrupt effect, any mishaps, like dropped payload or spillages, won’t do any harm to your floor surfaces. 

2. Lessens damage to machinery 

Just as being sufficiently safe to bear the heaviness of a constant flow of traffic, the smooth and consistent surface made by epoxy flooring is more sympathetic than different kinds of flooring on the apparatus that movements over it. 

It implies less mileage for transport hardware, which brings about lower upkeep costs for the business. 

Knoveo uses high-quality materials and high-standard application methodologies that make floors smooth and last for better performance. 

3. Impervious to Chemicals 

On account of its safe and profoundly tough construction, epoxy flooring can withstand chemical exposure of various degrees. 

Hence, epoxy flooring is ideal for the floors of pharmaceuticals, workshops, labs, warehouses, and manufacturing plants, which may all be consistently exposed to these abrasive chemicals. 

4. Appealing Floor Surface

Numerous businesses pick epoxy flooring for its tasteful allure. An epoxy flooring gives new life to old and tired floors, making a glimmering and profoundly appealing floor surface. 

Furthermore, there are various surfaces and shadings to choose from. Along these lines, you can coordinate the flooring to the theme of the workplace.

Knoveo offers a variety of designs for your flooring.

Features of Epoxy flooring.

1.Safe Working Environment 

This scope of coloring and zoning different areas on a floor makes it possible to utilize various tones and plans on specific floor areas to make assigned zones. 

It makes epoxy flooring ideal for large spaces, where shipment docks, forklift ways, and walkways can be set apart to guarantee the protection of vehicles and workers. 

Epoxy flooring is also anti-slip, thus reducing risks of injuries by slippages. 

Furthermore, epoxy flooring can increase the lux level of space by up to 300%! It is because of how light reflects off the smooth epoxy surface. 

3. Simple To Clean 

The joints, seams, and pores in different flooring surfaces harbor a ton of microbes and dust, making them hard to clean. 

Epoxy flooring gives a smooth and non-porous surface which is a lot simpler to clean and maintain. 

4. Environmentally friendly

Just as an ideal alternative for your business and your workers, epoxy flooring is useful for conserving the environment. 

The materials utilized in our epoxy floorings are free from harmful substances and VOCs. Additionally, epoxy floors do not require harsh chemicals for cleaning and to keep dust-free.

The additional lux levels achieved using epoxy flooring in large spaces save you on additional lighting costs while saving energy. 

Since epoxy flooring is extremely durable, you will not need to redo it for a longer period, which means less waste. 

5. Financially feasible

Epoxy floorings have one of the best lifecycle costs than other flooring materials as the initial investment lasts much longer. It is easily re-coated and repaired in case of any damages.

Knoveo is providing the most cost=effective solutions when it comes to providing quality epoxy flooring in Pakistan.

Also, when you consider the expenses saved on forklift maintenance, lighting costs, cleaning, and maintenance of the facility, epoxy flooring will be saving you money for a long time to come. 

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