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Value of Knowing Where Sports Flooring Comes From

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Sports flooring is a significant investment, it’s an investment not only in performance but also in longevity. All sports floors are not created equal. It is important to know the materials, manufacturer, and certifications that ensure you will continue to get the quality and reliability you expect over many, many years. Therefore, there is a definite value in knowing the source of your flooring. Knowing its manufacturing source can help you to properly determine its performance, durability, and longevity.


When searching for your sports flooring, it’s not effective to just go with any attractive flooring! You must look at the available solutions and evaluate if the floor covering material is reliable and worthy of your investment in the long term. Your goal should be to add value to your project by investing in high-quality flooring.

Life cycle

How long the flooring will last is another important concern. If you go through all the trouble of evaluating, selecting, and installing a new floor, it’s more than just disappointing if an inappropriate surface is already deteriorating a couple of years down the road. The background of the product should give you every confidence in its reliability.

Health & Safety

Just any flooring option may not be taking your health to heart. A quality sports flooring should not be damaging the health of the users. Is the flooring provider willing to offer details about the materials used in their products? You need to be especially careful about this as there may be harmful effects associated with their choice of materials.

Industry standards

It is best to look for sports flooring that has been tested to follow industry standards. Manufacturers are responsible for determining if their products meet standard requirements. They should be relevant and geared towards the needs of the consumer and this aspect should be considered seriously.

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