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The Green Paint Technology

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Lately, when talking about materials, the subject graphene tends to come up a lot. And with reason, as this relatively new material has many great qualities: it’s ultrathin, lightweight, conductive, flexible, thermal, and it’s the strongest known material. Graphenstone, a range of sustainable lime-based paints and materials that include graphene and creates its own technology called “Graphenstone Technology”

The Graphenstone Technology in paints, coatings, and other building materials enhances the hardness, durability, compression, and tensile strength, to name a few. It also reduces the weight of materials, while being 200 times stronger than steel. The Graphenstone Technology is graphene sheets conformed by carbon fibers, provides resistance, durability and breathability, avoiding condensation and absorbing CO2.

This Technology allows increases the coverage of the paint. With one liter, you can paint two 8m2 coats of paint, according to the press release, which reduces the amount of labor and paint needed. The paint improves the thermal regulation of buildings, saving energy by requiring less heating and air conditioning.

Aside from the advantages from this technology, the Graphenstone materials are made from natural lime. The porous nature of the coatings ensures that walls can still breathe, improving air quality, and preventing moisture collection and condensation. The high alkaline pH of lime as well as its ventilating properties prevents the growth of microorganisms, bacteria and fungi. The materials are free from VOCs, formaldehyde, heavy metals, and other toxic and harmful substances.

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