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How Sports Flooring Relate to Force Reduction?

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Sports flooring categories are a reflection of force reduction test results of a specific flooring. This is an important component to evaluate when searching for a resilient indoor sports flooring system that will provide optimal athletic performance.

How does this contribute to the selection of a floor?

Force reduction is the essential characteristic that identifies whether the shock absorbing ability of a sports floor is appropriate for its athletic use. This factor indicates if the surface is safe, comfortable, high performing and suitable for the requirements and specifications of a project. ASTM test methods evaluate the effects of generated impact force on a playing surface and how it interacts with a body’s joints. Different floor surfacing products conform to various levels of cushioning. The choice of flooring should then be greatly influenced by the expected and defined plan of usage.

The levels form different categories from 1 to 5 in order to help sports facility managers in their decision. This facilitates the selection the most appropriate floor surfacing solution for the activities that will be taking place in the facility.

Category 1 (10% – 21% Force Reduction)

Typically recommended for low degrees of physical activity in non-sports rooms or areas. Can easily accommodate many types of equipment such as chairs and tables.

Category 2 (22% – 33% Force Reduction)

Outstanding versatile floor covering offering excellent shock absorption for many sports and athletic activities. Its resiliency makes it capable of accommodating other multifunctional uses.

Category 3 (34% – 45% Force Reduction)

Ultimate top-of-the-line multipurpose resilient flooring. It is especially effective in reducing impact force. This is essential for playing a variety of intense sports. It can also accommodate other multi-purpose activities.

Category 4 (46% – 57% Force Reduction)

Extreme shock absorption for superior sports performance. Dedicated exclusively to specific sports or athletic activities, having limited use with heavy loads.

Category 5 (58% and above Force Reduction)

Optimal shock absorbing sports floor offering high performance for many athletic disciplines. Designed construction can combine more than one type of system to provide maximum force reduction. It offers significant flexible characteristics while still providing efficient stability.

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