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Photocatalysis Paint and its Decontamination Capacity

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Pollution is a growing problem in cities, both environmentally and for the health of citizens. New alternatives are being studied and researched to find out a solution for this serious situation. In addition to the urban planning measures that are beginning to be taken, we can improve air quality with innovative building materials such as photocatalytic effect coatings that reduce air pollutants.

The increase in the world’s population, together with the great development that has taken place in the means of production and transport, has caused air pollution to become increasingly serious in cities, which also causes many problems for people’s health.

The World Health Organization (WHO) agrees that pollution is not only an environmental health problem, but that polluting substances are responsible for the development of cancer cases and cause millions of deaths every year.

Photocatalysis is based on the natural principle of decontamination of nature itself. It could be said that it is the photosynthesis of urban surfaces, even though different processes and variables interfere in each process. Just as photosynthesis, thanks to sunlight, is capable of eliminating CO2 to generate organic matter, photocatalysis eliminates other common pollutants in the atmosphere, such as NOx, SOx, VOCs, CO… through an oxidation process activated by solar energy. By means of photocatalysis most of the pollutants present in urban areas can be eliminated.

There are already many cases of urban interventions with photocatalytic coatings. A clear example of success was the application of photocatalytic paint on the facade of the Sports Hall in Mairena del Alcor. It was a renovation project of the City Hall to make its city a much more sustainable place, turning the sports centre into a healthier space. In this project, it was used the natural paint AmbientPro+ Premium, which is capable of capturing harmful particles and decomposing them thanks to the incidence of light.

AmbientPro+ Premium is a natural photocatalytic lime based paint reinforced with graphene technology and with a matt finish. It decomposes organic compounds and inorganic gases through the incidence of light, either natural or artificial, on the nanoparticle of titanium oxide, a photocatalytic component. It is ideal for the decontamination of pollution in cities. It also helps to eliminate odours from domestic animals, tobacco, etc. Its incorporation into the building gives it an active environmental capacity.

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