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Improving Energy Saving with Paints in Pakistan

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

There is an aging of the housing stock in Spain, to the point that the first houses of the past real estate bubble begin to come of age, so that more than 80% of the houses, currently over 18 years old, there is a boom in second-hand buying and selling (with a 70% of the houses reformed) and there are also new models of home, almost 30% of the total, which will force to reform them to adapt them individually to each personal and family situation.

There is a growing demand for rehabilitation and especially for the implementation of measures to improve the thermal insulation of building elements. To a greater extent, due to the age of these buildings and also because the EU is considering promoting the construction of buildings with almost zero energy consumption, as well as the rehabilitation to adapt the existing park to the requirements of this concept.

The application of paint with high reflectance can mean a reduction of the outside temperature by 30-40% on average, which will consequently mean less heat flow into the building, significantly improving thermal comfort and reducing air conditioning costs. It means an improvement in energy efficiency at a lower cost than with other radiant insulation systems. So it is within the reach of all social strata.

Other measures exist to improve the thermal envelope of buildings, such as the installation of insulating materials such as rock wool, expanded polystyrene, SATE systems, etc. These systems are effective but they require construction work and are sometimes not compatible with some buildings due to the lack of sufficient space for their implementation, the limitations of residents’ associations, high costs, etc. Most of these traditional systems can be complemented with thermo-reflective coating, thus improving the reduction of the thermal transmittance of building elements.

The Spanish CTE does not, at the moment, contemplate thermal insulation solutions by means of reflectivity. However, the results obtained in various applications augur well for the future of coatings and paints with a high solar reflection index, which means savings in climate control costs.

Energy saving paints offered by Knoveo Solutions in Pakistan are natural lime based paints with Graphenstone technology for exteriors, free of VOC emissions and absorbing CO2. It creates healthier environments, guaranteeing the breathability and healthiness of the building. It contributes to energy saving due to its great reflective power and thermal emittance; and due to its mineral character it reduces sound reverberation. Thanks to Graphenstone technology, the temperature of spaces is regulated and distributed, avoiding condensation and reducing cold spots. The Solar Reflection Index of Biosphere Premium is over 100.

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