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Important Points to Consider for Gymnasium & Sports Hall Flooring in Pakistan

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Building a gymnasium and sports hall is a long-term investment that benefits from a strategic approach. There are many aspects to creating a full-resource sports hall, but the primary one, the foundation of all else, is to get the flooring right.

Here at Knoveo Solutions, flooring is our expertise and sports flooring is our passion.

A lot has gone into the development of Knoveo Sports Flooring to ensure not only durability and beauty but to also create an environment that favors healthy and safe activities.

Some very important points to consider when making your flooring selection:

Sports and their necessary game lines Knoveo Solutions has extensive experience in creating the ideal surface for sports activities such as basketball, volleyball, badminton, handball, and more. Just tell us about your game line needs and we’ll take care of the rest. Each sport requires its own type of game lines to meet game regulations and this is an important part of our expertise. We use specialized game line paint to ensure accurate, smooth, and long-lasting game lines.

High point loads A point load is the concentration of weight applied to a single, specific area. This defines the floorings ability to withstand and recover from the use of heavy static point loads or rolling loads such as basketball nets with a base, bleachers, and scissor lifts. Knoveo Solutions can recommend the perfect solution to take into consideration if the floor covering must handle these types of high point loads.

Effortless maintenance Different types of floors require somewhat different maintenance procedures, but in all cases, we pride ourselves on providing options that offers easy maintenance. Most surfaces just require a good sweep daily with a non-treated dust mop and others can handle scrubbing. Let us know how you would like your cleaning regimen to proceed and Knoveo Solutions will suggest the appropriate solution.

Shock absorption Sports flooring have evolved enormously in recent years. Some sports flooring options offer higher shock absorption than others. Surfacing solutions for gymnasiums and sports halls should be resilient and designed to reduce impact force by absorbing shocks to protect the user’s joints. The surfacing product’s shock resistance also contributes to the bounce of the ball, which is an important concern for many sports.

Health factors Health factors are another important aspect throughout the selection process. Many of our flooring options offer phthalate-free manufacturing procedures, lower VOC levels, reduced use of adhesives and some are even certified Asthma & Allergy Friendly. Knoveo Solutions takes your health to heart and provide products that can answer many health questions and concerns.

Resistance over time Depending on the type of flooring selected, some may require additional maintenance or restorative procedures over time, such as refinishing and reapplication of game lines.

Multi-use needs Many gymnasium sports floorings must be able to endure additional events and activities. Specific surfaces are offered if you require the need to place tables and chairs in the room for a reunion or any other event. Our wide range of flooring options are designed to satisfy high activity levels, for both sports and social activities, while offering extreme endurance and unmatched ease of maintenance.

The ASTM F2772 standard Floor surfacing products are designed to meet four key factors which determine whether the surface is safe and well suited to your sports activities. Each flooring option is evaluated to define its force reduction, surface finish effect, ball rebound, and vertical deformation.

Not only can Knoveo Solution help you determine the right strategy, but we will also target the necessary applications and all other factors to consider in order to choose the surface that is right for you.

We will ensure a gym and sports hall that offers the intended services and functionality while remaining safe for the users for many years to come. Tell us about your dream gymnasium and we will provide the knowledge and expertise to help make your dream a reality. We can realize your dream! Contact our experts today at +92 300 8490698

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