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Area Elastic & Point Elastic Sports Flooring in Pakistan

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Before you decide on the right sports surface for a school or other type of athletic facility, you need to have a foundational understanding of the different types of floor systems, how they perform, and when you may want to choose one over the other.

There are a variety of performance attributes of sports floor systems, and these characteristics are defined and laboratory tested using the standards detailed in ASTM F2772. Before diving into performance features, however, it’s important to begin with a knowledge of the three categories of sports floor systems: area elastic, point elastic, and mixed or combined elastic.

So, what’s the difference? Let’s take a closer look.

Area Elastic Sports Floor Systems

Hardwood maple sports floors that include a subfloor system are considered area elastic. This category of sports flooring provides athletes with what is known as area deflection, which measures how energy produced by movements like running, jumping, or bouncing a ball gets dispersed through the floor.

Choosing a system with the right amount of area deflection for your hardwood courts may depend on the preferences of athletes and coaches.

Point Elastic Sports Floor Systems

Most synthetic sports floor systems, including Knoveo Polyurethane Sports Floors , are considered point elastic. Point elastic sports flooring is attached directly to the concrete slab, keeping energy from player movement and ball bounce localized. Point elastic sports floors, however, can still provide shock absorption when a rubber mat is used as part of the system.

While there may be comparatively less force reduction than area elastic floors, a benefit of point elastic floor systems is uniformity of play. Athletes will experience the same levels of shock absorption and ball bounce across the court.

What’s Right for Your Facility?

It’s worth taking the time to fully understand the many aspects of a good sports floor. This is an investment in your facility that should last many years, so getting honest answers is important.

If you have questions about selecting sports flooring, want to know more about the differences between point, area, and mixed elastic floors, or need additional information about your sports flooring options, contact Knoveo Solutions at +92 300 8490698,

We’re happy to assist you and point you in the direction of the right sports flooring expert.


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