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When You Must Choose Professional Sports Flooring in Pakistan

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Are you responsible for planning, designing and reviewing the available flooring products to find the perfect one for your project or client? On time. On budget. There are so many options, which do you choose?

The design and character of a sports flooring establishes the proper foundation to a successful sports area. Your choices will affect the feel and usability of the space. There will be a great deal of documentation, samples, specifications and technical data sheets to review before you can consider a plan of action.

You must analyze a product’s aesthetic qualities and technical features to determine if it’s the proper material to satisfy the needs of the project. You must examine textures, colors, the warranty coverage, and the product’s capability to meet health, safety, efficiency, and budget requirements. Remember, you should also identify the products that fulfill the requirements outlined in the ASTM standards..

Finding the perfect sports flooring solution for your project is essential. It is a long-term investment that needs special attention.

Is cost a concern? With sports flooring, it’s not cost effective to make due with just any attractive flooring! To evaluate your cost, you must look beyond the simple price of the flooring itself. When calculating your return on investment, you must consider installation costs, maintenance costs, and most particularly the long term costs related to the life cycle of the product. The lowest bidder often won’t save you money in the long run. You must determine the added value between different products in function of the life cycle of the product to establish which will be the most profitable long-term. It costs considerably more to install a cheap product multiple times than to install a durable and high-quality product once!

Is time a concern? In the sports flooring industry, the need to re-install can be costly. In addition to the financial costs, we must factor in the loss of time due to the fact that the facility will be unusable during installation. Since we are well aware that many facilities have very tight deadlines, we do everything in our power to complete our installations on time so they are quickly ready for action. Moreover, certain of Knoveo Sports Flooring products and installation techniques can even provide accelerated installation results.

How can Knoveo Solutions help?

Our experienced staff understands the many decisions that must be taken in order to plan for a project’s successful completion. We can help since we recognize the challenge of choosing between similar products. We can break down the nuances to help you better evaluate and consider your options.

Knoveo Solutions prides itself in going the extra distance in regards to all aspects of a project. Our team includes sales support, estimators, logistic coordinators, and certified installers. Sports flooring is our expertise! We have the knowledge, resources, and commitment to analyze all your requirements and provide creative solutions to any of your concerns. Our primary goal is to offer value through our high-quality selection of flooring. We are sure to match your needs by installing a sports flooring worthy of your investment.

Knoveo Solution knows how to handle the unique needs of the project you have in mind. We understand performance levels and the characteristics of each flooring product. We can identify and recommend the most suitable option so you feel confident in your selection. Let us help you find the sports flooring product that’s right for you! Get the answers to your questions! Let's get in touch. Call +92 300 8490698

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