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LEED Certified Green Buildings with Knoveo Solutions

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

The use of eco-sustainable products in the construction and maintenance of buildings allows us to mitigate the harmful effects of over-construction and climate change. Environmental building certifications such as LEED, BREEAM, WELL or PASSIVHAUS, are leading the regulation of efficient construction today.

The benefits of certifying a sustainable building are greater profitability for those who build, operate and/or maintain the building; reduction of its impact on the environment; and greater comfort and health for those who live, work or use the building.

Indoor environment of the buildings where we work, study, buy or interact contributes significantly to our quality of life. Measures such as air quality, exterior views, lighting and noise levels have a direct impact on buildings that are more comfortable, safer and healthier for users, which also leads to derived economic benefits.

In this environment, paints and coatings are one of the most economical and simple ways to improve the environmental certification of a building. Many factors intervene in these certificates (own architectural and construction design, transport management, waste, water, energy, pollution, use of sustainable materials…). Graphenstone, Spain products introduced in Pakistan by Knoveo Solutions, contribute to the certifications by giving the highest scores in the categories in which they count: aspects such as indoor environment quality, comfort, health and wellbeing, use of low environmental impact materials, innovation or energy efficiency.

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