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Best Basketball Court in Pakistan

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Basketball is one of the most popular competitive games, partly because it can be practiced by either professional players or inexperienced players of any age. It is also one of the most versatile sports as the players can either be part of a team against an opposing team, play one on one, or simply play alone just for fun and practice. There are even countless variations of the actual basketball game that make use of the same skills and equipment. Rules can be easily made up and may or may not have a competitive aspect.

Most introductions to basketball start in the streets with nets installed in driveways, backyards, or neighborhood parks. Played mostly on asphalt or concrete, the game is just waiting to be explored. Who can resist throwing a basketball for the first time just to see whether or not the ball with fall into the net? If you have a net and proper markings, the game can commence, but what about the choice of flooring that will be played on?

A basketball court with a proper sports floor will offer users a better athletic performance to practice game moves and skills such as dribbling, passing, layups, jump shots, free throws, shooting, pivoting, etc. Players must practice regularly to improve their technique, footwork, and tactics of the game.

There are different factors to consider in the flooring choices depending on the location, budget, level of competition, or other games and activities that may take place in that same locale. Here, Knoveo Solutions will be presenting four common types of basketball court surfaces to consider as well as a summary of some of their features, benefits and sports standards

All of the following Knoveo Sports Flooring options offer:

  • Consistent ball rebound tested to meet the standard for basketball flooring. Tests are based on the ball’s responsiveness and its interaction with the surface.

  • A specialized cushioning system for shock absorbing properties.

  • Consideration of the ability to reduce immediate impact force.

  • Adequate friction with the surface to prevent slipping injuries.

  • Sufficient resistance to deformation that may affect the safety of the athlete.

Knoveo Acrylic Cushion Sports Flooring

They are elastic structured systems formed by mixing fine rubber powder with 100% pure acrylic latex polymer. They are floors that are resistant to impacts and allow the player to perform comfortably. This floor has an average floor thickness of 3mm.

Knoveo Polyurethane Sports Flooring

The primary benefit of this poured floor is that it is seamless. Since it is a poured surface, it also includes additional benefits such as being non-porous, increasing its hygienic properties and ease of maintenance. This surfacing is tough and durable, able to handle many basketball games and other games on its court. As an added benefit, it can also be resurfaced if needed.

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