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5 Health Reasons Why You Should Choose Ecological Paints in Pakistan

Updated: Feb 22, 2023

Now that spring arrives… we start organizing the house from top to bottom. It’s season to put a little order and cleaning at home: change the closet, get rid of things, move from here to there the furniture… and, why not? Back to give a coat of paint to our walls.

Choosing a paint is not easy. Many times we make the mistake of buying a paint because of its color or its finish, without taking into account that its composition may be negatively affecting our health and the environment.

But why should you consider the paint you choose beyond color or finish? Well, here we tell you everything you don’t know about “what you don’t see”.

The interior of your house is contaminated

Yes, yes, you are reading right. According to the World Health Organization, we spend more than 90% in closed spaces. New technologies, mobile phones, television … have completely absorbed us in our homes. Every time we spend less time outdoors. And you maybe ask yourself… why should it affect my health if I eat well, play sports at home…?

Very simple, external contamination directly affects indoor air’s quality. The pollutants of vehicles, transport or factories, especially in main cities, sneak into our homes and get trapped in our homes. And not only in the air, but in furniture, fabrics as curtains…

The result… according to WHO, air indoors is 2 to 5 times more polluted than the air outside.

Invisible enemies of your health

And if that was not enough everything that comes from the outside… you continue choosing a contaminating paint for your house. Don’t worry… we have all do it. Conventional paints also contains VOCs; some polluting particles that are released day by day and that are aggravating of many pathologies such as asthma or allergies.

To whom it has not happened that has painted and spent 3 days with open windows of the odor that they give off? You can’t see these toxic particles… but can smell them.

It is true that these types of paints are the best sellers, but this does not mean that they are the best option, since they are formulated with petroleum derivatives and contain a large quantity of solvents and Volatile Organic Compounds.

Solvents are the main responsible for the emissions of volatile organic compounds. Once we paint with this type of plastic paint, the solvent starts to evaporate and we perceive that smell so strong that it even prevents us from occupying the room until several days later. These compounds are released into the environment, remain attached to surfaces (such as textiles, sheets, curtains …) and continue to release for months.

On the other hand, volatile organic compounds produce the greenhouse effect. They are toxic to the health of people, pollutants to the environment and much more harmful within a closed and inhabited space.

Graphenstone paints offered by Knoveo Solutions in Pakistan are born as an ecological alternative within the world of decoration. Formulated in mineral bases and improved with graphene technology.

Here we tell you 5 benefits for which a mineral paint benefits the health of your home:

5 health reasons why you should choose ecological paints

  • Let your walls breathe

The mineral bases of Graphenstone paints offered by Knoveo Solutions in Pakistan allow air flow. This means that condensation or environmental humidity can enter and leave or dry on the walls, thus also preventing mold.

  • Absorb and eliminate CO2 like a tree

At Graphenstone, you can also choose our paints that absorb CO2. Formulated with artisanal lime, these paints are able to eliminate CO2 during its drying or carbonation process, helping to decontaminate the rooms. The same effect as a tree or a plant inside your house.

  • Odorless and “Asthma Friendly”

Our paints are recognized with the “Sensitive Choice” certificate as a product especially indicated for people suffering from chemical intolerance and respiratory problems such as asthma. Also, being a natural product do not smell so you can paint without bad smells.

  • You also take care of the environment

Non-polluting paints. We design and produce thinking about the environment, energy efficiency and the health of people. We create paints for a greener and more committed generation.

  • Render and resist more thanks to graphene

Thanks to the innovation with graphene technology, they have a performance comparable to any synthetic paint on the market and also makes them much more resistant than a conventional paint. So you will not have to repaint as often.

With Graphenstone, you can now paint in a healthy way and create a better environment in your home.

If you want more information about ecological paints and finishes offered by Knoveo Solutions in Pakistan contact us at +92 300 8490698

Join the Green generation!

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