Passive Fire Protection


Decrease in steel strength – Loss of loadbearing capacity. Thermal expansion results in steel beams pushing supporting columns or walls out of alignment, increasing structural collapse risk.The deformation of Steel frames blocks exits.

Concrete also loses strength with temperature. Concrete’s modulus of elasticity decreases rapidly with the temperature rise. Steel reinforcement bars will expand and burst the concrete when heated up to 330, resulting in cracking and concrete spalling.

Passive Fire Protection is defined as building assembly property to maintain its structural integrity and stability despite exposure to fire. Fire retardant materials are used in construction to delay possible structural collapse allowing for evacuation, provide areas of temporary refuge in the case of fire, and ensure the integrity of escape routes by preventing or delaying the escalation of a fire and protect high-value assets. Fire retardant coatings add to the fire resistance of structures for passive fire protection.


When exposed to heat, intumescent fire retardant coatings turn into a viscous liquid film and expand to form an insulating foam layer or carbonaceous char.

The whole system protects the substrate for a specified period for the building assembly to maintain its structural integrity and stability despite fire exposure.

1.3mm of fire retardant coating can substitute 1.5cm of concrete to give the same level of fire protection.

It is Weather-resistant, smooth, and non-stressing to the structure.


Cementitious sprays offer outstanding fire protection even after the event of a blast.

Its protection will last up to 240 minutes in the event of a hydrocarbon pool fire and up to 120 minutes in the event of a jet fire.

It gives guaranteed long-term durability and a proven global track record.

Thoroughly tested and certified by third parties meeting and exceeding the UK and EU regulations and standards.

Also available: a complete portfolio of fire stop and fire protection boards, sprays, sealants, and adhesives to protect structural steel, concrete structures, partitions, wall linings, floors, ceilings, and roofs


Hybrid-RED offers the best passive fire protection for outdoor decorative applications. Groundbreaking innovation, the HYBRID technology, enables a compound of ceramic material and organic binders.

Due to ceramification, hybrid-RED has outstanding fire protection properties, i.e., very low smoke generation, prolonged ignition times, and minimized heat release rates.

When exposed to fire, hybrid-RED forms a stable ceramic shield – unlike the carbon foam formed by an intumescent system. Closer to incombustibility than any other coating solution.

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