Epoxy Flooring Vs Tiles

Epoxy Flooring Vs Tiles

Suppose you’re thinking of renovating your home or commercial property, as there are many options of flooring nowadays depending upon its price range to its quality. However, Epoxy flooring is getting more popular among tiles and wooden floors. So here we will discuss some advantages and disadvantages you should keep in mind while choosing the best option.

What is Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy Flooring is a distinctive floor coating made up of polymer resin mixed with a hardening chemical that will turn into a hardening floor. It is mostly used in hospitals, industries, food technology labs, underground parking, restaurants, and commercial buildings, but it is frequently common in homes. Its resistance against chemicals, water, oil, heavy item, and normal wear and tear makes it more efficient among other flooring options.

What is Tile?

Tiling trends have been a forever trend. But with the passage of time and development of the tiles and ink industry, an extensive quantity of shapes, colors, and sizes have been introduced to enhance the beauty of homes and commercial buildings. Tiles are floors made up of hard-wearing material ceramic, stone, baked clay, and metal.

If we compare both of them, Epoxy flooring is more beneficial than tile flooring because it is a creative, unique way to make floors durable, maintenance-free, and beautiful.

Epoxy Flooring in Pakistan

The main benefits of using Epoxy Flooring are

  • It’s cost and long durability.
  • It doesn’t degrade with time, can hold out against heavy traffic and weight, and is resistant to severe weather conditions.
  • Its Glossy surfaces are very attractive that enhance the beauty of homes and buildings.
  • Epoxy flooring is highly resistant to oil spills, liquids, chemicals, and cracks, requiring much maintenance.

In heavy industries like Textile, Pharmaceutical, Oil factories, and Food Technology Labs, Epoxy Flooring should be their first choice. It is 100% sturdy, anti-slip, and resistant to a liquid spill. However, we cannot use tiles in heavy industries because it is non-durable and with time the color becomes dull, and tiles can easily break if a large and heavy object dropped on it. Like tiles, Epoxy flooring is also used in homes and commercial buildings; its solid colors give an elegant look to homes and offices. Unlike tile floors with grout lines, epoxy floors create an easy way to clean. The most advanced feature of Epoxy flooring is its flexible mature. It can expand and contract according to temperature, so it is highly recommended for Food Industries. In addition, epoxy flooring is extremely customizable. However, tiles are expensive to customize.

Epoxy Flooring is the best option for garage floor and underground parking floor due to its ability to withstand the heavyweight of automobiles and equipment.

So, if you’re ready to update your floor that will last longer and also beautiful, feel free to contact us. We use high-quality epoxy coating materials. Our priority is customer satisfaction.

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