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Epoxy Flooring Vs 3D Epoxy

Demand for better flooring solutions has increased over the past few decades. With long-term durability and a relatively low installation cost, epoxy remains one of the most common flooring materials on the market today. Knoveo Solutions provides resinous floors designed to endure extreme environmental conditions, like in Food Labs, Hospitals, Ware House, Restaurants, Industries, Oil Factories and Steel mills. As a result, we have the best polymer flooring system, also known as Epoxy Flooring. One of the best features of epoxy flooring is the availability of different colours and textures, depending upon both industrial and residential floors—the colour range from Solid coloured epoxy to 3D patterned or multi-coloured chip blends. You can also customized colour and 3D patterns that are visually more appealing with long durability.

Why Solid Color Epoxy Flooring?

Solid colour coating with high gloss is for interior use. Solid Color System is the less expensive solution for a chemical and abrasion resistant flooring system and provides incredible performance when rapid return-to-service is required.

Epoxy Flooring provide can emphasize organizational branding by using different appealing solid colours. Installing epoxy flooring in solid and customized colours can attract visitors and significantly impact clients when they enter your working area. Our beautiful solid coloured flooring system offers extraordinary strength and durability. In addition, innovative solid coloured costs much less to maintain with no waxing or special buffing needed.

3D Epoxy over Solid coloured Epoxy

Like solid epoxy flooring, 3D epoxy is popular among other flooring systems due to its high creativity and high performance, primarily used in homes, offices, apartments, malls, and playland. 3D epoxy is not like a sticker. It involves the first layer for self-levelling primer, then desired images, and finally, a transparent coloured epoxy coating for a high gloss look.

So, should you be considering 3D epoxy flooring in Pakistan?

Knoveo gets a lot of queries for residential epoxy flooring and people are looking for 3D and metallic finishes in those.

Epoxy flooring is more suitable because of its functional benefits like strength, acid/oil/moisture resistance, seamless surface, hygiene etc.

Decorative or 3D epoxy flooring will be prone to get micro-scratches and swirl marks due to the dusty environment in Pakistan and lose its initial look after a few days of usage.

3D epoxy is not recommended over solid epoxy due to many reasons:

  • First, 3D epoxy is for a fancy look, which becomes dull in colour over time.
  • Second, it is hard to install and take a lot of time.
  • 3D epoxy is expensive than solid coloured epoxy.
  • 3D epoxy is not flexible and friendly with harsh environmental conditions.
  • It is durable but not resistant to scratches and loses its gloss with time.

So don’t waste vast amounts of money on maintaining the gloss, the floor; instead, install durable and affordable self-leveling epoxy flooring in solid colors from Knoveo Solutions. For further information about our solid colour epoxy and epoxy flooring, don’t hesitate to give us a call today. For you can email us.

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